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Services and Installation

Mike's stoves services the central and western Maryland areas with Wood, Gas, and Pellet stove installations and repairs.  We also give free estimates for any chimney work that may be needed. 

Additional services include:

  • Chimney and flu cleanings and repairs
  • Rotobrush Air Duct System Cleaning 
  • Chimney and flu installation
  • Hearth and Masonry construction and repair
  • Wood, gas and pellet stove maintenance and repair
  • Wood, gas and pellet stove installation and consultation
  • Fireplaces, Hearths, Chimneys, Masonry Work

How can we help?

  • We advise you on meeting construction codes so your house is safe and offers you better resale value.
  • We advise you on achieving a balance between beauty, efficiency and comfort.

Did you know that having an over-sized stove can be inefficient and uncomfortable?
It's true. For example a "too large" wood stove in a family room can potentially burn at sub-optimal temperatures or may push you out of the room.
Did you know that sometimes the most efficient stoves are not the most expensive?
  • Of course there's no single "right" answer but . . .
  • We advise you on function and efficiency so your aesthetically pleasing stove brings you low-hassle enjoyment and saves you money.
  • We advise you in the economics of energy sources so as energy source costs change, you can better adjust. 

If you live in the Maryland area, we provide on-site repair, cleaning, and installation. If you need us, please email us or give us a call.
(410) 857-0333 / (866) 796-0200